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jeudi 29 avril 2010, par Antoine Turmine

At the different period of its life, the cattle have different nutritional needs. In addition, the first goal of the farm producers is always the same : to optimize the performance. Belisle Solution Nutrition will commit itself by giving to cattle producer’s innovative and nutritional solutions - and a better ratio cost versus quality - for the ingredients, additives and special ingredients.

Our products for beef cattle include base ingredients, vitamin and mineral supplements that are always available on a continuous basis for a productive and healthy herd.

Our research is based on what affects you the most : to lower the amount of excretion of nutritive elements that are sensitive for the environment, to improve the reproductive performances and increase the quality of your beef cattle. Our nutritionists and agriculturists are assessing the impact of antibiotics and ingredients that will promote growth for possible market for natural beef cattle. With the perfect association of our production site and delivery, BELISLE SOLUTION NUTRITION is well positioned to deliver the ingredients required to feed your cattle, a steady quality of feed, delivery on time.