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jeudi 29 avril 2010, par Antoine Turmine

Belisle has a unique approach to the dairy production as describe-into three broad outlines :

1 - The formulation of our blends of minerals, vitamins and different additives use components that have the highest level of assimilation for the dairy cattle. We selected ingredients of the highest quality such as by-pass vitamins that have a protection against the degradation in the rumen, chelated trace mineral, selenium in a yeast form and other specialized additives.

2 - Our dedicated solutions aimed at the daily disorders related to feeding. It is the key to a profitable herd. We choose for your dairy cows proven ingredients, wisely combined in order to prevent problems such as subclinical acetonemia, infertility, lameness, milk fever, abomasal displacement, ruminal acidosis and the fatty liver syndrome. All of our solutions aimed at the optimization in the rumen functioning the best possible way to obtain the best constituents in milk.

3 - The development of healthy and acceptable solutions by the consumer such as the use of 100% plant protein or alternatives to drug are part of our constant evolution in our products.