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jeudi 29 avril 2010, par Antoine Turmine

Your expert, BELISLE SOLUTION NUTRITION and their animal nutrition department offers you top of the line supplements, amino acids and special feed additives for your swine ration. Well, that is what we offer to you.

BELISLE SOLUTION NUTRITION commits itself to helping you reach for scientific, modern and solid solutions answering today’s concerns in the business such as lowering the level of excretion of nutritive elements in the manure or the reduction of odours. Our investments in research allow us to follow the newest technologies and new ingredients, study their impact on their practical or fundamental use.

BELISLE SOLUTION NUTRITION has a vast array of ingredients for animal feeding in order to help you at the environmental level as well as on the economic one. We have all the ingredients required for raising healthy and more productive pigs such as plant proteins, by-products, cereals, milling and processing by-product up to amino acids, lecithin and organic acids.

We also offer you customized and exclusive vitamin and mineral mix, on top of a variety of trace elements. This includes a vitamin E of natural source, HCL Lysine and other amino acids and organic acid. We back up our products with technical support, advice and suggestions for the formulation of your ration.